Thursday, March 12, 2015

You Have To Try | Vaseline Spray & Go

If I had to pick a beauty area I've neglected most of my life it would hands down be moisturizing my body. Up until a few years ago I would buy bottles upon bottles of beautiful smelling lotions from Victoria Secret and the Body Shop and they would just end up gathering dust in my cupboard. My beauty routine dramatically changed when I read an article describing the importance of keeping your body moisturized, and how even those crummy lotions you get for free at hotels have some serious benefits. We all know that keeping your face moisturized prevents signs of aging, but the same can be said about your body. Keeping your body hydrated will improve and maintain your skin's elasticity, and it will help prevent and get rid of pesky stretch marks. I've also read that if you have cellulite, moisturizing daily will reduce its appearance. Alright, have I convinced you all you should be moisturizing yet?!?! 

If you're like me you can't be bothered to spend time lathering on heavy body butters and waiting for your skin to dry before you can get dressed every single day. I love doing that when I have the time, but usually that just isn't the case. Vaseline Spray & Go is perfect for days I need to get in and out of my bathroom super quick. It's so easy to apply, dries instantly, and smells so nice and fresh. It also feels cool and refreshing on the skin which I love, especially after a really hot shower.

IMG_0942 While this isn't the most moisturizing product in the world, I've definitely noticed an improved look and feel to my skin since I made this a part of my daily routine. It leaves a nice glow behind, so I always give my legs a quick spray before a night out to give them a little something extra. It comes in two other scents (Cocoa Radiant and Total Moisture) plus a version for men which comes in a really sleek black bottle! I've already convinced my boyfriend to pick one up.

What do you guys think of these types of moisturizers?

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